For many years now I have been fortunate to share my life with my 5 lovely dogs.


As an intuitive dog trainer and dog lover who works in the Hamilton, Cambridge area, my main concern is your dog's wellbeing. I train Intuitively, and as a result will never use any method that will harm your dog either physically or emotionally, such as shock collars, spray collars.




I will simply enable you to see the world through your dog's eyes. Through my simple intuitive dog training methods you will become aware of the dialogue that you and your dog are having on a daily basis. I will teach you to understand what your dog is telling you, and more importantly, what you are telling your dog.


Once you are both talking the same language we can begin to heal any 'behavioural issues' that may have arisen through any mis-communications. This allows us to suggest positive alternatives to your dog that reflect a more co-operative way of living in a human constructed environment. Dogs not only understand our words but also our intent, so the way we communicate with our dogs is so important. (Dogs read our Intent - Science Daily. Jan. 5, 2012)


Life with your dog should always be an extremely enjoyable and loving experience for both of you.



The only limitations on this are made by you.